It Starts With Fun …..

It Starts With Fun …..

Chris and I were recently discussing the reasons people let “life” get in the way of their health.

Why can some people be so delligent about coming to the gym and eating healthy and others can start on a good routine and then just get off track and go on a downward spiral??

I believe the answer is …

You have to train your brain to make it fun!

Fun is first and the results will follow.

Think back to your youth … How many of us look forward to recess or after school so we could play on the monkey bars and swing on swings?? Why can’t working out be looked at in the same light??


Every morning when I wake up, I am excited about my fitness. I don’t agonize or tell myself I don’t want to do this etc … I embrace the fact that i have the ability to move and be healthy. I also acknowledge the fact that I am improving my health and wellness so that i will continue to get better as I get older; not get worse!

Wikipedias definition of fun is:

The enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities.

Fun is an experience – short-term, often unexpected, informal, not cerebral and generally purposeless. It is an enjoyable distraction, diverting the mind and body from any serious task or contributing an extra dimension to it. Although particularly associated with recreation and play, fun may be encountered during work, social functions, and even seemingly mundane activities of daily living. It may often have little to no logical basis, and opinions on whether or not an activity is fun may differ. A distinction between enjoyment and fun is difficult but possible to articulate,[1] fun being a more spontaneous, playful, or active event. There are psychological and physiological implications to the experience of fun.

So why can’t you pick a sport, recreational activity, social time with a friend, etc thats involves some sort of anaerobic activity to be “fun”?

I like to associate exercise like brushing your teeth … you don’t always want to do it, but when you do you feel like a million bucks.

The more you focus on the good feelings and benefits of exercise the more fun you will have with it.

So treat exercise like recess. Have fun when you are doing it and it will be much more enjoyable and beneficial to your overall health!

FYI CPM’ers we will be closed for Labor Day, but we will be providing an exciting workout that you and the whole family will enjoy!

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM for 12 minutes:
Odd – 20 second Handstand Hold
8 Push Ups
Even – 3 Front squats

B. AMRAP 12 minutes:
30 second Hang
20 KB Swings
10 Burpees

Posted by: Annie