I’m So Sore… SO SORE!

I’m So Sore… SO SORE!

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I’m Sore… I’m Really Sore

Did you do Monday’s workout? If so, you were probably quite sore Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, maybe even Friday. Chelsea is a challenging workout… challenging is a nice way to put it. For some it was the shoulders, some the triceps and I heard a few that were sore from the squats. I had a little trouble straightening my arms for a couple days.

Chris and I were discussing how you can “feel” the soreness in the room after a workout like that. People are tired, struggling with movements, groaning, moaning. You get the picture. So how do you handle the next few days after a tough workout like Chelsea?

  • EATING – I might treat myself to a few snacks that I wouldn’t normally eat but being this sore justifies it for sure 😉
  • DISCUSSING – I call or text my gym friends to talk about the soreness. Misery loves company! But is it really misery? Not so much… I kind of like being sore.
  • EXERCISING – I’m a Monday – Friday CPM workout girl. So regardless of how sore I am, I’m going to workout the next day. I always have the option to scale the workout.
  • COACHING – I’m prepared for all of you to blame me for your physical state of soreness. I can handle it. I’m also prepared to scale you in the workouts if you need it OR to tell you to suck it up and get to the gym.
  • MOVING ON – There’s a pretty good chance each week has at least one workout that could make you really sore. It’s time to move on and prepare for the next week of workouts.

If being sore doesn’t work for you and you dread the next workout like Chelsea, talk to your coaches. We have LOTS of options to scale each workout by modifying movements and decreasing time or reps. Start paying attention to what movements and workouts put you over the top. Then, when you see them on the board, you are prepared to modify that workout. Or if you are like me and you like the sore, keep killing it in the workouts and call me the next day 🙂



The Oboard Says..
Part A:
2 RM Strict Press
Part B:
For Time:
1000m Row
30 Push Press
30 Sit Ups
800 m Row
20 Push Press
20 Sit Ups
600 m Row
10 Push Press
10 Sit Ups

Posted by: Emily