It’s Friday! The DEETS

Wine Down Yoga

Wine Down Friday is happening this Friday, November 7th at 7pm.  Enjoy two of your favorite things, yoga and wine, at this fun event!

Bring your illuminated candle, yoga mat, and favorite bottle of wine and glass.  This is a slower paced class vs. the usual YogaFIT classes. It is designed for more stretching, flexibility, breathing and restoration from the week of workouts. Feel free to hang with us after and have a glass of wine with your favorite gym and community.

For members it can count as a class. Or you can buy a special single class rate for $10 for this event only. Friends or Spouses that are non-members can attend this class for $10 as well. The more the merrier so please bring your friends plus more friends means more wine 🙂

Date: Friday, November 7th

Time: 7:00p – 7:45p is the class time; you are welcome to stay and hangout after class and have wine afterwards.  This is located on the class scheduler. Please sign in as you would for a normal class.

CPM Sleigh the Rower 2.0

CPM Sleigh the Rower 2.0 is starting soon! Sign up on the board in the gym and go to Concept 2 ONLINE CHALLENGES PAGE to create your online logbook. Here is what you need to know:

  • Committ to 50k, 100k, or 200k meters
  • Row that amount of meters between November 27th and December 24th
  • Log your meters in the Concept2 logbook: (CPM is registered with Concept2 and you’ll be able to set us as your gym during the account creation process)
  • Concept2 donates $.02/1000m up to 100k and $.04 per kilometer past 100k to some awesome charities.  Last year, the challenge paid $25k to last year’s causes.

How CPM participates:

  • You pay $30 flat fee to be in the challenge (to cover staff for open gym times)
  • We recommend you set a baseline 5k time in the first week of the challenge
  • We program workouts with a lot more rowing, and we set up lots of open gym times where people can come log some meters
  • Row your commitment however you want (break it up daily (recommended) row it all in the last week (crazy!)
  • Re-test your 5k time at the end of the challenge.  You’ll be flat out amazed.

This is an awesome challenge.  Last year we had about 60 people participate.  Lets up the standard this year and make it an even 100!

And now another edition of….

Reflections, by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFitness.

  1. Wall walks and wall balls are a tough combination.  Knowing how to roll out of a nose-to-wall handstand might come in handy, however I’m a little scared to try it.
  2.  Bear crawls can be uncomfortable for me so I was really excited to see that I could add dumbbells to my bear crawl to make it even more challenging. I was pleasantly surprised to find that dumbbell bear crawls are not that bad and easier on the wrists perhaps?
  3. Speaking of wrists, the front squats and push press took their toll on my wrists.  I may actually join a wrist club after I complete the pull-up club, the rowing challenge, the handstand club and the squat club.
  4. And finally, I feel like something has been missing at the gym this week.  Maybe a mustache?  Click HERE to see who is participating in No-Shave November at the gym.

The O-Board Says…

4 rounds of:
3 minutes to complete
Row 500m (all out)
Max Kettlebell Swings
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Posted by: Emily