My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

Time to Reminisce 

My blogging at CPM will be coming to an end soon. This is my last month. For these final weeks, I plan to take a look back at my favorite moments and blogs and share them with you. This week I am listing some of my top favorite moments at CPM. Keep in mind it’s hard for me to remember them so these are just a few of the many many great memories!

  1. Bort wearing his son’s “Where the Beef” shirt. When the whole family has the same shirt, you gotta check the tags! Actually don’t because it makes my day.
  2. Ross assuming the long workout is a partner workout. He returns from his run and waits for Mike to finish his power cleans only to find out, it’s not a partner workout. Sorry Ross!
  3. Friday Night Lights. The whole thing. It was just awesome.
  4. No electricity at 5 am. Ok, actually this was not a favorite moment of mine but it made for a very interesting class!
  5. Russ edging out Pete on a warm-up lap race. I told my nooners that I would take 30 seconds off their WOD time if they won the warm-up lap. Russ and Pete flew through the hallways. Russ narrowly won the race when he shoved Pete into the door at the finish!
  6. 1K Row for time circa 2015. The race was on. We rocked it. And then we couldn’t do the rest of the workout. History continues to repeat itself with the 1K row.
  7. Paul dressed up as Michael Phelps for Halloween. ?
  8. Stets going away party. AMDAP (as many drinks as possible) all night long!
  9. Using a PVC pipe to overhead squat. It was a big deal when I was able to add a 5 pound plate to my pipe. Cause I was that bad at them. ?
  10. Chad Belitz hanging from the bar for like 10 minutes because he has the mental toughness of a navy seal!
  11. Missy coming back after the accident. Hands down the most inspirational moment for me in a long long time if ever in my life.
  12. Killing the warm-up with Marin on our first day. We crushed that warm-up! Then couldn’t walk for days.

This Bitmoji makes no sense but it’s my new favorite  ?



The O-Board Says…

4 rounds for time of:
25 Push Presses
50 Cal. Row
100 Double-Unders