It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

Let me introduce you to Judy Zimbelman. If you have not met her, you need to. Her smile and charisma is infectious!! Judy started with CPM in October of 2016. She had no idea the journey ahead but I am so glad I have been along for the ride!

Here is her story.

I initially was searching for a physical therapist because of my knee pain.  I was interested in working with Nicole because she was not only a physical therapist, but also a trainer.  Although my goal was to solve my knee pain, I was also interested in increasing my strength in order to continue to waterski and to be able to run again.

When I came into the gym the first few times, the “gym people,” those that appear to have spent their life in the gym, intimidated me.  When I pulled up, I saw them outside running, carrying weights, and doing squats, something I was not imagining for myself.  During their workout, gym members often stood in the doorway, looking out on the street while they would catch their breath. The music was obnoxious and the environment overwhelming.  But I enjoyed working with Nicole.

Over the weeks and months I increased my strength as well as made significant progress in losing weight and the pain in my knees was indeed lessening.  I also began attending classes.  The first day Nicole asked me to run around the block with her was scary.  I really thought my running days were over.

Then day came when I stood by the door after attending a class, winded, sweaty, now loving the obnoxious music that had grown on me.  I was now the one who others on the street saw running, doing lunges, and carrying weights outside. The final clincher was the day I ran intermittent runs during class.  I felt like I was 15 again running on a hot day in the summer on the farm.  My knees felt great!!  Now I love those words, “take a lap!”


The O-Board Says…


Part A:

Part B:
Every 3 Minutes for 18 Minutes:
15 T2B
12 DB Snatch
9 Burpee Box Jump Over

Posted By: Nicole