It’s That Time Of Year… The Crossfit Games Are Here!

It’s That Time Of Year… The Crossfit Games Are Here!

I am SO excited. The Crossfit Games start this week and we are headed to Wisconsin to watch. Events started yesterday and included a Crossfit total (❤️❤️❤️) and a marathon row (🤢🤢🤢). Can you imagine rowing a marathon? They are saving some spectacular events for the weekend I’m sure. Can’t wait!

Here is my list of things I must do while at the Games.

➡️ Check out the vendors. Born Primitive, Fleo, Rogue, Reebok and so many other cool vendors will have booths at the games. I’ve been holding off on buying new clothing over the past 2 months just so I can buy myself a few things this weekend. 😎

➡️ Find the Dottirs and Canadians. When it comes to the girls, Iceland has my favorites. Can’t wait to see how Sara does this year! As far as the boys go, the Canadians are rockstars. Mat Fraser will be hard to beat this year but I’m hoping to see Vellner and Fikowski podium!

➡️ Eat at least 2 Acai bowls. We had these last year at the games and they were nothing short of amazing. One nice thing about going to the Crossfit Games is that there are healthy food options everywhere. There will, however, be cheese curds available in Wisconsin too 😬

➡️ Watch events with awesome friends. We have a really fun group of CPM’ers attending the games this year. This will be a great opportunity for me to talk to Courtney, Cory and Reed about training for the 2019 Games 😉

I always get a BIG motivation boost after attending an event like this. Sometimes I get comfortable in my workouts and eating. I forget that I can do so much more. As always, summer months are hard on the waistline so a trip to the games to watch amazing athletes is just the inspiration I need!

~ Mother Plucker

Workout of the Day
Double Trouble
Team of 2
2-rounds for Time:
30 pull-ups
200m Buddy Carry (or Medball Run)
33 Power Clean
400m Buddy Carry
200m Partner Frog Jump (or Medball Run)
66 Burpees

*(you go I go)