Join Us for Black Flannel Friday!

Join Us for Black Flannel Friday!

Sleigh The Rower 3.0

Just Do It! The annual Sleigh the Rower Challenge begins this Friday, November 27th and goes through Thursday, December 24th. Once you give us the $30 entry fee, you will be given a pass to sign in for open gym rowing times. Get the details HERE.

Black Friday Flannels

CPM would like to invite you to hang out and enjoy a couple drinks on Black Friday starting at 6 pm. We will wear flannel shirts and hang out downtown from the warmth of our gym, CPM 2.0. Flannel shirts are not required but a fun attitude is!

Wine Down Yoga at CPM DTSF

When: Friday, December 4th
Time: 6:00pm – Till Wine is Gone

Bring your yoga mat, an illuminated (battery operated) candle, your favorite bottle of wine and a loved one/friend. This is a slower paced class that is designed for more stretching, flexibility, breathing and restoration from a busy week.

Then we will hang out after and have a glass of wine with your favorite people. This event is FREE and even more FUN!!

Please bring:
-yoga mat
-illuminated candle
-your fav bottle of wine

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Reflections by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFITness.
Special Thanksgiving Edition

1. I am thankful for…
My favorite workout: power cleans and running. Love this one!

2. I am thankful for…
Chris and Annie. Best bosses a girl could ask for.

3. I am thankful for…
CPM and the members. I love my job. I get to train the best people and it motivates me to be a better coach and better person every day!

4. I am thankful for…
My workout partners. We all have our days when exercise doesn’t sound like fun at all. My workout partners always get me pumped up and ready to go. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


5. I am thankful for…
This guy because he likes to workout just as much as I do and he is THE BEST husband and father! He’s the one with the red shorts (but Devin is a great guy too :-))

The Oboard Says..
Partner Workout
Row’d Kill
3 Partner Workout
Station 1 – Row
Station 2 – Burpee
station 3 – Situps
*switch until your team hits 10,000 meters
*every burpee takes one second off your total time
Posted by: Emily