Jump and Shrug – But Why?

Jump and Shrug – But Why?

The Burgener Warm-Up

Alright guys, grab a bar. Get your feet hip width apart, snatch grip on the bar. Let’s Jump and Shrug.

Why? Why do we have to do this every time? When I attended a Crossfit Weightlifting Cert, we did this over and over and over. We were even forced to use the dreaded hook grip. If you got caught without the hook grip, you did burpees 🤢 But I digress. Why the Burgener Warm-Up?

Mike Burgener has been called the Godfather of American Weightlifting. He is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting Coach and has had a huge impact on the Crossfit community.

What is the Burgener Warm-Up? You have heard us say it over and over…. Stance, Grip, Position. Anytime you are setting up for your clean or snatch, you must think these three things. Get your feet under your hips, grip set and pull your body into your start position. Never start a lift loose. Get lots of tension in your body. But before you get to that point, do the Burgener Warm-Up…

1️⃣ Jump and Shrug – We are working speed through the middle. The triple extension (ankles, knees and hips all fully extended) creates momentum on the bar and a moment of weightlessness that allows us to pull our body under the bar.
2️⃣ Elbows Wide and Outside – We are training bar path. An early bend of the arms in the snatch or clean, creates loss of power generated from the more powerful muscles working in the lift. Keep the bar close and elbows always higher than hands.
3️⃣ Muscle Snatch – We are working the turnover of the barbell with this third movement. Quickly pull your body under the barbell rather than trying to press the bar overhead.

Burgener continues the warm-up with some footwork. If you are struggling with your clean or snatch, google Mike Burgener. He has the best (I’m not kidding), the best videos for the movements. I’ve watched many of them over and over.

We mimic the snatch warm-up with the clean… training speed through the middle, bar path and quick elbows and feet.

So remember, next time we ask you to jump and shrug, we aren’t doing it because we have nothing else to say. We are doing it because we care ❤️ 😉

Check out Friday’s workout. High Hang Clean… what do you suppose we are training with that movement? 🤔 Google it!

Workout of the Day:
Part A:
High Hang Squat Clean

Part B:
50 Doubles
7 Power Cleans