Just Pull the Damn Trigger…

Walking down the ‘mean’ streets of Sherman Oaks

Listen Up! I got really fired up last night!!!

We all have goals. We all have dreams and bucket lists. But the problem is we all have EXCUSES! What fires me up is when I watch people (that I truly care about) consciously stop themselves from succeeding through life.

People like to talk…and talk…and talk about what they ‘want to do’ OR what they are ‘gonna do’ and end up not doing anything.

If you truly want to get everything out of life (the goals we truly want to attain and the dreams we have for ourselves) you are going to have to step out of that ‘comfort zone’ you’ve created. And its gonna hurt, you are going to be scared and nervous, people will question you, you will question yourself, it is not going to be fun for a while.

So lets say you are really ready to go for it and nothing is going to stop you…And then for whatever reason (excuse) you don’t. Why does this continue to happen to you?!

The problem is we continue to set ourselves up to be ‘comfortable’. We consciously and sub-consciously create everything around us in our lives to let ourselves go back to being comfortable. So when we get frisky and have that glimpse of confidence or one of our friends gives us a pep talk and re-light’s our fire, and we are just about to go for it…we stop…think…get scared and run right back into our comfort zone. Don’t do it, and regret it. We make it so easy to run back to what we know and away from what is unknown. Each time you do that you continue to lose a piece of yourself. And honestly ask yourself how many times have you done that???

Break free and “Just Pull the Damn Trigger”. Don’t think…Don’t digress…Just Pull the Damn Trigger. If you are afraid to act in fear that you will make a mistake…Then you WILL do nothing (because that’s what you always have done) and continue to let yourself down:-( Thinking too much has put you in the situation that you have been in for years.

And let me give you a little secret…You are going to make a mistake! You are supposed too. Nobody gets it right the first time. Not Warren Buffet. Not Kobe Bryant. Not Stevie Wonder…

The other secret is you already know what to do. You have everything it takes to succeed, you just don’t trust yourself. And why would you if you have never Pulled the Trigger before!

Half the time I do something that is working towards my goals in life I have no freakin clue what I’m doing let alone what the next step is! But I do it anyway.


Because what is the worst that can happen?! Life is all about trial and error. The people that figure out life and WIN are those who have pulled the trigger more times than they can count, not the ones that play it safe and comfy.

You know what you want. Whatever is burning in your heart and soul is good for you. Push past the uncomfortable feelings and onward to success…its just like a CF WOD, of course it is going to hurt but you know it is good for you.