Keeping Up With The Competition

Keeping Up With The Competition

Is the Competition Getting Tougher or Am I Just Getting Older?

I love competition. I used to run several races each year and I always ran them to get a PR. One summer, we participated in a Tough Mudder and I was blown away when I found out we weren’t being timed. WHAT?! Why am I doing this if I don’t know how I stack up against the competition?? Needless to say, I’ve calmed down a lot since then. I still love competition but I try to take a more practical approach to competing as I know this 40 year old body can only do so much.

Six of us are participating in the Granite Games 3 person team online qualifier. We have no hopes of actually qualifying but are using this as a trial run in hopes that we could train and compete next year. The workouts are very humbling. The first 3 WODS:

WOD #1 – 3 RM Overhead Squat, 5 RM Front Squat, 7 RM Back Squat (each athlete takes one)

I got the back squat on this one. It didn’t look too bad… until I got to reps 6 and 7. Rarely do I go beyond 5 reps in a max and those reps HURT! #notasquatter My partners did amazing as did the team of boys.

WOD #2 – AMRAP 10 Minutes (1000 m Row, MAX wallballs)

I’ve got an advantage on this one. The 1000m row was easy, you don’t want to go to hard. But 6 minutes of wallballs? Didn’t feel too bad until I tried to kneel after I completed it. My quads cramped up immediately. Took me about 4 days to fully recover. Our team rocked this workout and came out looking pretty good compared to the competition.

WOD #3 – 5 Snatch (135/95), 10 C2B Pull-Ups, 15 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Really glad I did well on #2 cause this one wasn’t easy for me. I thought the snatch was going to give me trouble but it wasn’t a problem. Unlike my partners, I had to do singles on the C2B Pull-Ups. I should have spent more time on chest to bar pull-ups and less on muscle ups…. ugh! Did this WOD Sunday and didn’t do so hot. Tore up my hand pretty bad. I did it again on Tuesday and got 25 more reps which was awesome BUT my video didn’t record. Soooooo…. I have to do it again. I could just cry. On the bright side, I’ve got some great ideas on my C2B pull-ups so I think I can do even better.

WODs #4, #5, #6

Well, the next 3 WODs have been announced and we’ve started to tackle them. They are much harder than the first 3. I’m overwhelmed but it’s all good. I’ll fill you in on them next week!

Just Have Fun

We continue to discuss how this is just for fun. You can’t take it too seriously. None of us will do really well in every workout so the goal is to do fairly well in all of them. My teammates are MY TEAM not my competition and my team is AMAZING! Here’s a short video I posted to my Instagram page with a few highlights.

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The O-Board Says…

Part A
Overhead Squats

Part B
AMRAP 20min
50 Double Unders
100-ft. Walking Lunge
15 Overhead Squats