Labor Day Is …

I know we all look forward to holidays especially holiday weekends. We get a day off from work, school, etc, we can barbeque with friends and family, and we get to look forward to a four day work week but do we ever stop and think of the reasons we are actually taking a day to celebrate?

I thought it would be interesting to give you the true meaning of the “Labor Day”

So here is the History of Labor Day from U.S Department of Labor.

Now you will be able to celebrate the “true meaning” of the day with your friends, family, and others around you.

Here is a great workout to make your Labor Day the best one yet!


The O-Board Says…

Labor Day Team/Family Workout:

1 mile run
500 situps
400 stepups (no stairs or object to step than do 400 mountain climbers)
300 squats
200 Arch Rocks
100 Burpees
50 Wheel Barrow steps with partner (no partner 100 step bear crawl)
25 Handstand Pushups (0r 2 min accumulative Handstand Hold)

*The run will be completed together and the movements will have two people working at a time and two people resting.
*If you don’t have a team do the run but divide everything by the amount of people you have so 1 will be 1/4 of everything, 2 1/2 of everything etc…

Have a safe and Happy Labor Day!

Post your times in the comments below ….

Posted by: Annie