Learning How to Pace (and Happy Anniversary to my Husband)

Learning How to Pace (and Happy Anniversary to my Husband)

First I have to give a quick shoutout to my amazing husband Steve. It is our 15 year anniversary today. He’s put up with my obsessive personality for a long time and seems to be willing to continue to put up with me for a while longer 🙂 Steve, thank you for being an amazing husband and father. I don’t know what I’d do without you ❤

Train for the Long Haul

Let’s be honest, most of the members at CPM are not spring chicks. Myself included. So you are an unlimited member or even 3x or 4x per week and you get SORE. I heard it a lot last week. Wallballs + medball cleans had our legs begging for mercy. I knew it would happen to me. I had completed that workout 2 times prior. Both times made me run like an idiot for several days to follow. BUT I knew it would happen to me. I knew going into that workout that it would be my best workout of the week. So I went for it. The rest of my week involved lots of scales and modifications as a result of what I did Tuesday. I expected it and I was ok with it.

The tricky part is that most of the time we don’t realize that a workout is going to make us that sore. So it happens and it catches us off guard. Rather than trying to avoid ever getting sore (a little sore is ok), we need to have a plan for what to do when it happens.

  • Check your diet. Have you ever noticed that you recover better when you are eating healthy? It’s true. Your body deserves proper nutrition when you are sore…. not a donut! My diet is off right now. I’m in lake mode. Weekends are tough. So many treats around. I get home late on a Sunday with no time to meal prep. I’ve got tons of excuses! But I need to clean up my diet otherwise I’m not going to recover from my workouts.
  • Scale scale scale. Legs sore from squats? Then there is no need for you to add a bunch of weight to your front squat 2 days later. Go light, modify the movement if necessary. Talk to your coach. They will have lots of good ideas to make the workout work for you.
  • Don’t compete. How many times a week are you competing? None you say? Well do you check the board to see times from the earlier classes that day? How about the weight people used? If you are trying to beat a time or go heavier than someone else, you are competing! We are not meant to compete every day. Side note: I will be blogging about competition further in an upcoming blog 😉
  • Take a day off. Feel the need to run when you aren’t hitting the gym? It’s not necessary if you are super sore. A day off does a body good. That run isn’t going to fix your bad diet anyway… truth hurts.
  • Stretch and mobilize. Whether it’s a yoga class or a quick stretch session on your own, stretching is only going to help you. I found an app on my phone that will track my sets just like the clock at the gym. I do 15 different stretches for 90 seconds each. It’s easy and effective.

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The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Odd: Handstand Walk/Bear Crawl Length of Mat
Even: 5 Deadlifts

Part B: For Time (15 min cap)
55 Deadlift
55 Wallball
55 Cal Row
55 HSPU or HR Push Up
*Break into rounds as needed