Lessons From A Champion

Walking on your hands takes TRAINING!

I am always interested to know what goes on in the mind of a HIGH Level Champion.

This past weekend I was watching some of the Olympic trails and saw a short clip on Michael Phelps. So I started reading about Phelps to find out what goes into the mind of an Olympian to see if I could get some knowledge to apply to my own life and success. I read that he consumes 12,000 calories a day. Now as interesting as that sounds I didn’t think that was a great key to my success. But after further reading I did find some great ideas to incorporate. 

First of all, he swims five to six hours a DAY! Fifty miles per week! Are you getting better? If not, how much time do you spend in training? Commit yourself to your goal, whether it is winning a gold medal, increasing your pull-ups, cleaning up your diet or hitting your sales numbers, and then train, train and train some more! Success takes lots of training!

Secondly, he finishes strong! In his seventh race, his opponent, Serbia’s Milorad Cavic, glided to the wall at the end and Phelps gave one last mini-stroke. Phelps won by one one-hundredth of a second! His opponent was gliding and Phelps was finishing! Do you glide too often in your workouts? How about with your discipline to your diet? Do you finish strong with your goals and tasks or push it off until tomorrow?
Next, he had written down the number of gold medals he was shooting for on a sheet of paper before the Olympics started and only made this known to his coach. After his eighth win, he acknowledged his goal was eight gold medals. Are your goals written down? Write them down!
Gold medals are won on purpose!
Finally, he knew his numbers! After his swims in practice, his coach would show him his times and they worked to get better. What are your numbers? Do you know workout times? Lifting numbers? Or how about in your career? How many calls to get an appointment? Your closing ratio? Your average sale in terms of dollars? So many people don’t track their numbers. You can’t measure what you don’t track. 
When you act mediocre you get mediocre results. When you act like a pro you get professional results. You must to win the gold!