Let The Double Banging Begin!

Let The Double Banging Begin!

How To Squeeze In Those Extra Workouts

First, let me get you up to speed on my performance diet. Things are going well.

  • I’ve definitely leaned out through my mid-section despite some Easter cheats over the weekend.
  • It was easier to get my pants up over my hips too so that’s good news.
  • Planning my meals was smooth the second week. It’s almost getting to be a habit.
  • I removed the rice from my diet and replaced with sweet potatoes. My joints feel better after the switch.
  • Pull-ups and muscle-ups felt better this week. Perhaps some weight loss contributed to that?

I’m looking at this as a performance diet, not necessarily a weight loss diet. Now that the attendance challenge has started, I plan on squeezing in some extra workouts or just lifting / gymnastics sessions for fun. That should help with my progress 🙂

And now, let’s discuss how to double bang! We have several participants in the Buns n Guns Attendance Challenge. I know many of you are thinking about adding a yoga class during the week and/or maybe an open gym. But you do have the option of attending more than one CPM class in a day. So if you do, how can you manage completing the same workout two times in one day?

  • Modify Movements – Switch push-ups to handstand push-ups. Maybe you do slamballs instead of kb swings. As long as you aren’t being a distraction and you know the movements, you can easily throw something else into your workout.
  • Scale Movements – Instead of pull-ups, you ring row. Instead of box jumps, you step up.
  • Hit Back to Back Classes – Want an easy double banger? Hit 2 classes in a row. Leaving the gym and coming back can be a challenge. Set aside 90 minutes to workout and take 2 classes!
  • Yoga, Yoga, Yoga – Throw in some yoga classes. Your body will thank you. I need to take some of my own advice on this one. My hamstrings are begging me to go to yoga!

It’s been a really fun week so far! Keep it up CPM friends!



The O-Board Says…

For Time:
Pyramid Helen:
1200 Run
63 Kettlebell Swings
36 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters
42 Kettlebell Swings
24 Pull-ups
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull-ups