Lets Stay FIT or Get FAT?

Lets Stay FIT or Get FAT?

Have a lot of fear the holiday are here! This is the time of the year that can make or break our Health and FITness 2016 goals. The average American will gain anywhere from 1 to 10lbs from Thanksgiving day to New Year’s Day #yikes! But the scarier stat is that they will NOT lose the weight. The weight they gain will inevitable ‘rollover‘ to next year! Creating a vicious cycle of weight gain for years to come.

Below are 5 examples (from a blog post by the WLC founder Andy Petranek) that create that kind of weight gain this time of the year. Be on the lookout, prepare yourself and have a plan and this doesn’t have to happen to you.

1. Fast All Day Before a Celebration
There’s no smarter strategy for kicking off the holidays and setting the foundation for gaining a ton of weight than by waking up on Thanksgiving morning and forgoing your healthy and normal-sized breakfast. I have to admit, this happened to me on TDay. I had a good breakfast and waited until dinner time to eat A LOT more than normal. When you starve yourself all day long, you will be sure to binge on the stuffing and mashed potatoes. And what better way to add all sorts of weight than by shoving boatloads of starchy carbs into your mouth?

CPMTip: Avoid eating sensible, pre-party meals at home, i.e Pre-Eat. That’s a surefire way to kill your temptation to binge on party food. If you eat a reasonable portion of lean protein with green veggies before you hit all those parties and dinners, you won’t have any room for appetizers and brownies.

2. Drink Calorie-Heavy Holiday Drinks Instead of Water
Why is it that this is the first thing our bodies needs and the easiest thing to do last? Beer during football. Spirits during holiday parties. A glass of wine during dinner. It is way to easy for water to drop last on the list to drink. Lets switch our perspective and see how much water you can drink vs. how much you are not drinking.

*Have a full glass of water by your bedside and don’t leave your bed until you finish the glass.
*At an event or party order a drink with a glass of water. No second drink until you finish your glass of water.
*Make water your beverage of choice when you are on your own. It is much easier to guard our choices when friends/family are not around. Take advantage of it:)

3. Eat Your Meals as Quickly as You Can
I actually had a friend snap me a before and after pic of their Thanksgiving dinner with the caption of 4min!?! #wtf

CPM-Tip: If you want to get FAT, don’t make the mistake of eating slowly. It takes your stomach twenty minutes to let your brain know it is full. If you relax, chat with your family, eat slowly, and sip some water between bites, your stomach and your brain might catch up and you’ll miss out on another chance to gorge yourself.

4. Cancel All Your Exercise Sessions
That sounds like a giant recipe for failure for a weight-gain plan! I’ve actually been in the habit (as a coach) to seeking out clients to sit down with and (literally) schedule all of their workouts for the rest of the year.

CPM-Tip: Protect yourself from yourself and schedule out all of your workouts for the rest of the year on a calendar, written out. Treat it like an appointment.

5. Always Keep Holiday Snacks Close By
If you want to make this the toughest year to avoid unwanted weight gain… Do this! Out of sight out of mind. In our sight = in our mouths. This is not about will-power or discipline. It is about meditation and convenience.

CPM-Tip: Some people decide to keep their households clean of junk food. They figure if they stock their kitchens with healthy fruits and veggies, good fats, and lean protein, they will limit their unhealthy choices to outside activities. These people limit their indulgences to true celebrations while keeping their homes free of temptation. Those people are missing out on their true weight-gaining potential. They are probably only going to gain a pound or two, max. Don’t be these people.

What’s Your Holiday Weight Plan?
So there you have it — five guaranteed strategies to gain weight from now through to the new year.

While the holidays probably aren’t the best time of year to try to lose weight, they don’t have to be a free-for-all either. Go back and read through the CPM-Tips sections of this article for the real strategies on how you might approach your holiday parties and meals from a healthier perspective. For the original author’s version go HERE. #greatRead

But, most of all, remember that the holidays are a time of celebration and joy. Don’t make it all about the food — either eating it all or eating none of it. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your family, and enjoy the parties. Treat yourself sometimes, but not all the time. Be kind to yourself, both in how you treat your body and how you (don’t) judge yourself for your choices. You may find that if you make the choice of eating holiday food mean less, you may eat less of it, as well.

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Split Jerk
*every 90 sec

Part B:
In 4 mins: 500m row, MAX Wallballs
-rest 1-
In 4 mins: 100 Double Unders, MAX Lunges
-rest 1-
In 4 mins: 500m row, MAX Wallballs
-rest 1-
In 4 mins: 100 Double Unders, MAX Lunges

Post by Chris; @cmoknows