When Life Gets In The Way

When Life Gets In The Way

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When Life Gets In The Way

So I kind of had a rough week last week. (side note: ever notice how I always start my blogs with “so”?) Don’t get me wrong, many good things happened… we started the kids class at CPM, I had an awesome time at the lake with my family and friends, I mowed my lawn two times. But I had some not-so-good things happen too. In fact, I think the bad’s outweighed the good’s last week. And when that happens, I get frustrated and maybe even a little sad.

What happened? First, my dad had a mild stroke on Friday. We still haven’t realized all of the effects of the stroke but it’s looking like they were very minor. We are very fortunate and lucky. My dog had a leg amputated on Monday. We shall call her Tripod from now on. The surgery was planned and necessary but it’s stressful none-the-less. Macy went to an overnight camp for the first time on Monday. I’ve never had a child go to an overnight camp. I was nervous but she was not, so that’s good! And finally, my family is looking at selling our lake home to purchase another and I’m torn about the situation.

All of these things added up to a very stressed and anxious Emily. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know what I do when I get stressed. I snack. My snacks aren’t necessarily bad for a person but I usually end up eating more than I need to OR I snack so much that I’m not hungry for dinner. Did I feel like I deserved the cookie sandwich from Eileen’s on Monday night? Absolutely! Did I actually deserve it though? No. But I justified the treat because I had a rough weekend.

What did I do right? Well, I didn’t miss a workout. It has to be pretty bad for me to miss a workout. If nothing else, I will get a run in when I can’t make it to the gym. But no workout + snacking = DISASTER! So I got to the gym, that was good. I had a really bad day with my eating on Monday. Tuesday I cleaned it up and got back on track. Alright, feeling somewhat better. Next, I vented. My first reaction was to not tell anyone what was going on. I feel vulnerable and maybe a little weak when I share my frustrations with people. But I told a few friends, they had suggestions and it really helped. Oh and I tried to get plenty of sleep. House of Cards was calling my name but I stayed strong and went right to bed instead of watching an episode.

So what have I learned? It’s ok to break down on occasion. Everyone does it and it’s normal. It’s ok to ask my husband for help. I couldn’t manage everything this week and I needed help. I don’t like to bother Steve but he’s happy to help me out and, really, all I need to do is ask. And finally, it’s ok to have a cheat day. The best thing I can do is get over it right away and move on. I focused on what I did right and kicked some butt in the workouts.

I hope everyone’s week was much better than mine! And I really mean that. Great job on the workouts this week. They’ve been tough but you’ve been rocking them! Tomorrow is another fun one so get to the gym! 🙂


The Oboard Says..
“Count On (or For) Your Partner”
AMRAP 30 Minutes
20 Clean & Jerks (btw partners)
20 Box Jumps (btw partners)
4 200m Sprints (btw partners)
You go/I go. Can break up the reps in any format. Must rest while partner works, including during sprints.

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