Limit Excuse Gain Success

Get rid of limiting excuses that are road blocking you from your ultimate success.

Don’t let your excuses or intimidation get in the way of growing and achieving more in life than you can ever imagine.

You hear people around you all the time justifying why it is they are in the positions they are in. As creatures of habit we can tend to focus on retreat and all the things we are not doing and it becomes a crutch. We start to hobble instead of skip to our purpose and passions in life.

When we get stuck don’t let it keep you from your destiny or use it as an excuse to stay complacent. Make it a driving force to get you what you truly want in life.

I remember when I first was learning how to do a pull-up, I used to always use the excuse to Chris “I will never be able to do a pull-up because my lower half weighs so much more than my upper.”

This was an excuse i was repeating in my head as a defense mechanism from failing. The funny thing is I was failing because I wasn’t trying. One day I decided to use some bands to help assist me, and with a little help I could do a few. So day after day I would do a little more or use less resistance till I no longer needed a band and could do them on my own. I could have continued to tell myself all the excuses why I would not be able to pull myself up, or I could just pick up a freakin band and do a pull-up.

Not only did I accomplish something new and exciting, I proved to myself I could do something I didn’t think possible at first.

When I am teaching yoga or training clients I preference to “try something new and challenge yourself” even if it only for one pose or 2 or 3 reps of a movement you are moving forward, facing fears, and getting better all at the same time!

I love this quote: “The problem is not the problem the problem is your attitude towards the problem”.

Sometimes we have to roll with punches blaming others or yourself is our defense mechanism to stop us from the doing the things that are hard in life. When these tasks ultimately are the most rewarding when we overcome them.  We also learn so much from the on the road to achieving them.

So I challenge you fit ones to stop make excuses and start making actions!

The more we can become aware of our excuse from feeling scared, uncomfortable, thinking about what others’ think and that we’re not good enough, the better we can be at overcoming these fears. Recognizing that you’re letting fear or a lack of confidence hold you back is the first step to being able to find ways to overcome it.

The O-Board Says…

A. Grace
30 C&J for time

—–Rest 2 minutes—–
(unload barbell)

Start with 400m Run
40 Barbell Thruster
30 Situps
20 KB Swings
10 Box Jumps
Run 400m @ half way point

Posted by: Annie