Live Without Fear @ CPMFITness

Live Without Fear @ CPMFITness

For 2016 I chose to make my focus “attacking my fears”. I do at least one thing a day that scares me.

I don’t over think it .. It could be as simple as getting up an hour earlier to meditate, or talking to someone I don’t know, or as big as booking a one way ticket to a place you have wanted to live your whole life and moving there.

You don’t have to JUMP OUT OF A PLANE” to conquer your fears, you just have to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

In fact sometimes it’s the smallest fears that are inhibiting us the most!

I love reading the definition of FEAR:

“an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

When we are growing it is uncomfortable, may not seem safe, because it is unknown, and sometimes very challenging.

When we start to face our fears, we unlock so much of the unknown about ourselves. We start to realize we are capable of so much more than we had ever imagined.

We are the ones stopping us, no one else. When I sit down with a new client for food or nutrition they usually say how “scared” they are. Either scared I am going to judge their food, or take away their favorite food. For the workouts they are scared “they are going to die” (aka be really sore).Then when we start to talk about it, they realize their FEARS are truly False, Evidence, Appearing, Real. FEAR is our bodies way of protecting ourselves even when it’s not always the best for us.

As humans who wants to feel uncomfortable? But the more we become uncomfortable the more opportunity will prevent itself.

Recently, I have found the situations I fear most are the things I need to take on Full Force. Even if it’s taking 5 minutes in silence a day can be very scary .. stopping and really taking time to just be in your thoughts can be the scariest task for people but sometimes just stopping and really listening to what is we want instead of always just going through the motions .

So I challenge you Fit Ones … Take a step out of your comfort zone and live the “fearless” life you are supposed to live!

The O-Board Says…

Split Jerk

AMRAP 15 min
10 Push Jerk
10 Box Jumps
200 m Run

Posted by: Annie