Make the Most of Your Life CPM’ers

Make the Most of Your Life CPM’ers

A good family friend of mine passed away from cancer recently. He was 58 years old (too young to die) and left 4 children behind. I feel when someone passes away it makes you reflect on your own life. You start to reminisce about the memories shared and look ahead to what the future holds. You start to ask yourself the questions,

“How much life do we have left to live?”

“Are we doing what we want if we knew tomorrow was our last?”

These are always hard deep questions to ask one’s self, and sometimes the answers are just as complex! If I live a life like my family friend, I will have exactly 22 1/2 years of life left. That leaves 22.5 years to accomplish my goals, aspirations, bucket lists, and all that life has desired. When I began to look at life like this it put me in a whole point of view. Life can be put in perspective very quickly all of a sudden the TDL (to do list), pressing or stressful little tasks, things getting in the way of talking with family or long lost friends don’t seem so important!

Putting off “life” because you don’t have money, time, belief etc ..because you feel you have all the time in the world, until all of a sudden you don’t. My grandma has been living with us the last month, and it has been such a gift. I found I was working all the time and not enjoying any of the goodness life has each day! My grandma said embrace this life dear Annie as it goes by weather you live it or not! So my take away was if your not living life your really dying inside, so why not live each day to the fullest.

Now I am not saying sell your house and move to the a remote island (although if you were my husband this would be his dream), I am not saying sell your car and by a Ferrari. I am saying “LIVE”. Laugh with friends, get “datey” with your husband, cuddle with your kids instead of finishing work, eat ice cream on a hot day and enjoy every bite, etc … Life is short so live to the fullest Fit Ones!

I challenge you write down what an ideal day looks like for you. Write down if you knew you had 1 year to live what would you want to do and then start planning. When you put a date to something it tends to happen! Stop letting life pass you by, and start enjoying all that it has to offer!

The O-Board Says…

25 minute AMRAP:
5 Deck Squats
10 KB Swings
15 Ball Slams
One person is running 400m while other performs AMRAP…switch

Posted By: Annie