Living in the shadows for many years, Marilee decided to make a change. I hope her story inspires you as much as she has inspired me💕.

I started my journey at CPM in an attempt to prove my doctor wrong. I ate relatively healthy. I avoided fried foods, soda and limited my intake of sweets. I was simply a victim of “bad” genes. Nonetheless, the doctor did NOT like my triglyceride numbers. The good cholesterol (HDL) was low and the bad cholesterol (LDL) was high.

The advice was to lose the proverbial 10-15 pounds, exercise and return in 6-months for a recheck. I thought I had the exercise part down. I walk the bouncy dog everyday and rarely sit down when at home.

Fortunately I have a very fit, very smart daughter. She introduced me to the “Whole 30” and I had heard of the “Wheat Belly” book. The Wheat Belly book was a little less daunting so I started there and began to ditch my consumption of wheat and other grains.

At the same time, my daughter suggested I meet with Chris. I was a little hesitant as I am a product of a generation where there weren’t many organized sports for women. He did a great job explaining what went on at the gym and suggested that I work with Nicole because of her knowledge as a physical therapist she would know how to deal with an “older” not so athletic client😁

So my gym journey began. Step by step by confidence began to boost. I didn’t worry so much about getting hurt or injured as I knew I was in good hands. After only 3 months I had already needed 2 trips to the store for clothes that “Fit”.

Up next was my 6-month recheck. The nurse told me the computer would not let her enter my weight, it kept telling her she’d made an error. Blood was drawn and I was thrilled, as was my doctor. My triglyceride number dropped 73%. My good cholesterol number was UP and my bad cholesterol number was down!!

I am very grateful to share that I am off cholesterol medicine. I sleep like the proverbial baby. I can do so many activities of daily living so much more easily now! This past summer I was able to climb all over Devil’s Den at Gettysburg Battlefield with my 6 grandchildren and my daughters and their husbands.

Eating “Real” food and the gym has become my way of life.

Thank you CPM Fitness, and the entire CPM family who has always been so gracious, encouraging, and accepting of me, despite my age. 😊

Marilee Driver


A: EMOM 12
Minute 1: 8 Pistols
Minute 2: 3 MU’s or 10 Ring Dips
Minute 3: 5 HSPUs or 15 Strict DB Press

B: 2 Rounds For Time
50 Kettlebell Swings
40 Box Jumps
30 KB cleans
20 Front Squats
10 Burpee over bar
5 S2O

Posted by: Nicole