Mastering Fitness?

I’m Reading A Book

By an author who I’d heard about a few years ago and whom I’ve had a great interest in but haven’t bought one of his books until now.  The book is called Mastery, and as the title suggests is a look at how a person becomes a master in a given field or at a skill.

We Want Everything Now

I’ve written about this before, but I thought I’d get a little more in depth and do some digging this time.  I went to my favorite book retailer, Amazon, and performed a power search with the following:

pubdate: after 2004 and title: days and 
(title: fitness)

The search kicked back 171 results, 92 of which were exercise or diet related (about 54%).

Try “diet” in place of fitness and the search kicks back 914 results, 591 of which are health and fitness related (about 65%).

What Conclusion Can We Draw?

Well, either it’s pretty easy to achieve “fitness” in 60 to 90 days or people are in a big rush to get fit quick.

We are familiar with those titles.  We see supposed “masters” selling products online and on TV to Make Millions on the Side Selling Real Estate or Get Ripped in 60 Days to name a few things I can think of off the top of my head.

Mastering Stuff Takes Time

That’s a fact.  People who are Masters make what they do look deceptively easy.  What we don’t see however are the countless hours of practice they’ve spent mastering that skill or field.

So, that book I’m reading, lets see what it says about Mastery:

Whenever we learn a skill, we frequently reach a point of frustration – what we are learning seems beyond our capabilities.  Giving in to these feelings, we unconsciously quit on ourselves before we actually give up.  We all possess a certain level of talent.  The difference then is that it isn’t simply a matter of determination, but more of trust and faith.  Many of those who succeed in life have had the experience in their youth of having mastered some skill.  They hold in their minds the sensation of overcoming their frustrations and entering the cycle of accelerated returns.  In moments of doubt in the present, their memory of that past experience rises to the surface.  Filled with their trust in the process, they trudge on well past the point at which others will slow down or mentally quit.

How Many of Us Have Felt Frustration

With our fitness?  I have, lots of times.  But I do trust the process.  I know that if I show up and put in the reps, I will get better and fitter.  The biggest impediment to our improvement is our emotions – boredom, panic, frustration, and insecurity.  We cannot suppress these emotions, they are a normal part of our lives.  These are experience by everyone, even the Masters.  Here is another paraphrase from Mastery:

What you must do is have faith in the process.  The boredom will go away once you enter the cycle.  The panic disappears after repeated exposure.  The frustration is a sign of progress – a signal that your mind is processing complexity and requires more practice.  The insecurities will transform into their opposites when you gain mastery.  Trusting this will all happen, we can move forward with the natural learning process and everything else will fall into place.

Feeling Frustrated?  Trust the Process

Are you frustrated by where you’re at physically?  Think you’re bored with your food and fitness regimen?  Embrace those emotions because you are on your way to getting to that period of accelerated returns.  Hang in there, trust that you will get what you want, and don’t quit on yourself!

The O-Board Says…

30 min of yoga
3 Rounds for Time
50 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups
15 Dips
10 Hang Power Cleans

Post by Stets.