May is Jam Packed…

ALL IN Challenge Status Update

We are over the halfway point. In 2+ weeks think of how far you may have come, and hone in on what it takes to finish strong.

To recap, we touched briefly on hormones and how ideally the body needs to be in a fine balance, and it will be if we eat correctly.

We talked about the two types of people left in the challenge, and what will happen depending on the attitude that we all take moving forward.

As we all start to feel better from the dietary changes we’ve made, show it! There is a great analogy between happiness and a tiny plant:

Happiness is like a tiny plant—the more carefully you attend to it, the bigger and more beautiful it gets. Grow into your own fun and play time by joining a recreational sports league, getting outside with the kids for a rollicking Frisbee golf game, or taking a hip-hop dance class with some friends. And, of course, keep on smilin’!

Stets mentioned that if we’re not careful, we can begin to fool ourselves into thinking that we are doing better than we are. I tried (and horribly failed) to quote Einstein. In fact, it wasn’t Einstein at all who said what I was trying to say. It was notable Physicist Richard Feynman who said, “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”

Think on these things. It is no longer a matter of figuring out what you can and cannot eat or how you’re going to prepare your meals, or how much or little you should be eating. I think you all have a relatively firm grasp on that now. What is the difference maker now is the attitude and action you take during the second half of the challenge!

Hoodie Pre Order

We are setting a final sale pre-order date for the hoodies, Friday April 18th, you will need to place your order in by this date to get your personal CPM hoodie.


We a TON of events planned for the month of May. All of which are laid out on our new EVENTS PAGE. Here is a quick list of what you will find:

-May 9th; Our 2nd Wine Down Friday; Great way to celebrate all the hard efforts of our ALL IN Challenge.
-May 17th; CPM Spring/Post All In Challenge Party; We will be celebrated the finalist of the challenge and making it a great excuse for everyone to get together.
-May 19th; CDA Info Meeting; We are growing and re-opening up another round of candidates.
-May 28th-31st; BAFW is BACK! Back by popular demand, Bring-A-Friend-Week

The O-Board Says…

3 RM Press


I. 2 min MAX burpees
800m Run

II. (starts @8min mark)
90 sec MAX burpees
400m Run

III. (starts @13min mark)
1 min MAX burpees
200m Run

*every burpee takes a sec off the Run time
*burpee to a plate

Post by Chris.