Meal Prep is Key🔑

Meal Prep is Key🔑

With summer break upon us, I am filled with mixed emotions. It’s more of a relaxed time. There is less structure and more freedom. Calendars are full of summer activities, camps and family vacations. All of which can throw a major curve ball when it comes to sticking to healthy habits.

For me the key to staying on track is meal prepping. Most of our nights consist of rushing from one activity to the next. Having food ready to eat when hunger hits keeps me from bingeing on snacks or prepackaged convenience food.

Meal prepping does take some effort but it is worth it. It does not need to take all day. Find a few blocks of time throughout the week, whether it’s on weekend or a weekday that you can batch bake/cook. Set a time limit. For us that day is usually Sunday/Wednesday. I am pretty fortunate that I have a partner that enjoys helping; it makes cooking a lot more fun.

I am a huge advocate for variety within your meals as my palate can get bored pretty easy. However, with that being said, spending time crafting gourmet casseroles can be time-consuming. Our go to basics usually consist of browning up a few pounds of burger, throwing some chicken in the instant/crock pot and roasting a couple pans of veggies. What’s nice about this is that we can repurpose these foods into several different meals. And now that summer is here, all this can be done on the grill, which means fewer dishes to clean 😁

Don’t be afraid to play with different ingredients and seasonings. Look for all colors of the rainbow.🌈This helps keep the palate and family happy.

If you are just starting out on this journey, remember that meal prepping and planning gets easier the more you do it. Build on your success. Maybe you start with a few breakfast items and then move on to lunches and dinner. Keep reminding yourself of why you’re on this journey and don’t lose sight of your goals to a healthier and happier you!


Partner WOD:
P1: 5 Burpees
P2: AMRAP Curtis P’s

(You Go I Go until they reach 100 reps)

Posted by: Nicole