Mental WOD 13: Getting Back on Track

We all fall off the wagon at some point in our life. We all slack off and lose the fire.

I have fallen off the blogging wagon! My goal for this blog is to post 5x a week. I was going strong for the first 6 months. Then sh*t happens! My priorities shifted and thus the lack of consistency in my posting suffered. But I am commitment ed to regaining my blogging fire!

How do you get off track with your commitments?
Do you get back on track? How?

There are a ton of blogs and lists to help you get back on track: “Eat the Frog, Prioritize, Make Time, Change your routine, etc…”

What is it that truly gets you back on track? What is the moment you finally say, “I’ve had it!” And that is the point you decide to change for the good.

What I have found to work with me is to recruit someone to help me. Its easy to justify why I should or shouldn’t do something that is good for me or what I want to do. When I tell someone I trust and respect to help hold me accountable in advance, because I know I will try to weasel out of it in the future. They are right there to step in and help me when I need it. I think that is why I love to be that person for others because it in-turn helps me learn from myself in the process. 

This week’s Mental WOD is to find the one BIG thing that has been lingering for far too long to get done or get started…and DO IT! Also, post to comments what it took for you to get back on track.