Mental WOD 16: To Do List Don’t Mean Crap Unless…

You execute it!

Knowledge is NOT Power!…Unless it’s applied.

We all have great ideas. We all have great intentions. We all can PLAN AHEAD, but does any of it really mean anything unless we actually DO IT and PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER???

For the purpose of this post I am referring to starting a healthy new habit i.e. adding in an additional workout in a week, stretching, running, reading more, writing a blog, cooking your meals for the week, etc…

Everyone operates a little differently. So here are a couple options to see which principle or combination of principles will work for you to ‘JUST DO IT!’

Find Time: PRE-PLANNING is always a good idea. But until you work your new habit/To-Do item into your weekly routine CONSISTENTLY it will always be hard to implement.

Make Time: Last weeks MENTAL WOD 15 is a good way.

Find a Coach: One of the reasons why CrossFit works is because a really good coach is on your side. When you don’t show up, they CALL YOU! And you magically show up. Not brain surgery just having someone in your corner will do wonders for your consistency.

Recruit a friend: Find a friend that has similar drive, goals, and attitude. When they are down in the dumps, most likely you will be on and can help them through it, and vice versa!

For this week’s Mental WOD not only start a healthy new habit but set yourself up for success. Post and your thoughts, comments, and questions…just P.T.S!