Mental WOD 2: Edify Others

Leaders are leaders for a reason. Leaders lead others to make them better. Michael Jordan was a leader because he made every on his team better. John Maxwell is a leader because he educates and inspires other to be better. Leaders have a self less characteristic and know 1st hand life, success and winning is more about the team than themselves.

Each and everyone of us has the opportunity and skill set to be a leader.

The 3-15-5-1 Plan
Because I am trying to run an entire enterprise and often traveling, the networking program I have created is a per-week objective of 3-15-5-1. Theses are meetings and conversations OUTSIDE of my normal business interactions. These are contacts solely for my no-agenda-driven networking… besides the agenda to give and deposit, that is.
  • 3 in-person meetings: Taking a page from Keith Ferrazzi’s book Never Eat Alone, these 3 face-to-face get-togethers are usually over breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee.
  • 15 written communications: Via email or even touches on Facebook or comments on their blog or handwritten communications.
  • 5 phone calls: Direct, just keep-in-touch phone calls.
  • 1 gift: That is where I send a gift to at least one person a week. This might be a book I think they would really benefit from based on what they were talking about. It could even be something for…


Practice edifying someone else. You will quickly see how many more people start respecting you. 
-Google how to win friends and influence others for more content