Mental WOD #2: Plan Your Day the Night Before

Only perfect pushups allowed!

Last week’s mental WOD was all about finding & defining your strength’s. Snap a pic of your paper from last week and post it on the CPMFITness facebook page.
Now that you are starting to get to know your strengths lets free up your time throughout the day to put them into ACTION!
Planning your day the night before…
Time is our most precious commodity in life. You ask any millionaire, anyone that is successful or that has found true happiness what is the most important thing to achieve success and happiness = T-I-M-E. 
We all have 24 hours in a day. I always ask myself why are some people ULTRA successful and some people are LOSERZ??? 
People give me a ton of excuses for all of why they don’t do this or why they are not getting it done. And the one I objection I LOVE to overcome is “i don’t have time too…”
So what if you had more time YOUR day?
What would you do? Workout more? Cook more? Stretch? Read more? More time with family? 
How about disciplining yourself to plan your day, the night before?
I have found that by planning your day for tomorrow at night for 20 minutes can free up 2 hours the next day. 
For this week’s Mental WOD; every evening you WILL plan tomorrow the night before. Everyone’s planning is going to look different. Here are some of the things I do at night to prep for the next day:
-pre pack my lunch (courtesy of my wife…thx babe)
-lay out your work, workout and change of clothes 
-update your TDL (to do list) and prioritze it (if you are a bad*ss)
Update us with you progress throughout the week.