Mental WOD 21: The Hierarchy of Accomplishing your Goals


This last weekend I attended the CrossFit Goal Setting and Mindset Course. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life in all areas of personal, business, athletic, relationship wise, etc…

One of the BIG take-a-ways I had over the weekend was the power of our thoughts and words of what we say internally and out loud.

It amazing how a lot of us do not realize that what we say leads us to exactly where we will go (good or bad).

“So if people we know that what we say determines where we will go why would any of you want to stop yourself from only saying great things about yourselves?!?!”

I have written my takes of the power of:

*Self WOD talk

This weeks MENTAL WOD is to go back to the SELF WOD TALK post and follow the instructions.

We really have the power and the choice to determine what direction we will take.
Here is the perfect diagram to explain the hierarchy of our mindset (esp for those of you that do CrossFit)

kinda makes sense…