Mental WOD 24…What TIME Is It?!?!

Armen knows what TIME it is!

After the first 2 weeks that someone is a member at our CROSSFIT AFFILIATE they receive Nutrition Check In session. During this session I hear just about every excuse in the book on why they aren’t where they want to be. Some people think they eat pretty healthy, some people know they don’t, some think they have NO TIME to eat healthy, etc… So what we do before that session is ask that they write down everything they eat in a food log for a week. Just by making themselves aware of what they are putting in their mouth, it answers a lot of questions about why they are not in the kind of shape they would like to be in. What I have found is logging other parts of our lives works the same way.

For the longest time I have been a procrastinator with my time. I was the kid that waited all summer to do his book report and was pulling an all nighter with my mom yelling in my ear, “Why did you have to wait ALL SUMMER to start this?!?!”.

Recently, I picked up a new book, Organizing for Success and the reason why I was attracted to reading it was because in the introduction the first thing that the author wrote was if you are going to get anything out of this book you must create and keep a time management log for one week. This resonated with me because now I was in a similar position that many of the clients I deal with were in with their nutrition, I am in with my time management. I have read the books, I have listened to the CD’s I knew the answers but it never really sunk in, until I put myself out there and logged my time on paper.

After logging my time for a week. And PRE-PLANNING my day the night before. I have never felt in more control of my time and my days. It has been a very empowering habit. A big chunk of my day was filled with interruptions and distractions that would stop me from completed the goals and tasks I had set out to accomplish. Now I not only know what I want to accomplish in my day, I have a plan and schedule to make it happen. Distractions and interruptions will still be there, but with a plan and a schedule it is much easier to get right back on track and get everything done.

Your Mental WOD of this week is to keep a time management log of your day.

It is not as hard as it sounds. Simply PRE PLAN your next day in the evening or that morning of (most of us know what our day generally looks like anyway), have your log with you that day, and continually update it throughout the day and see how much more you get done not to mention how much more in control of your day you will feel.