Mental WOD 25: You Lack It…You Give It…You Get It

Giving it to those kb’s:)

I am very grateful that everyday I get to do what I love. I am very passionate about helping people, growing as a coach (and a person) and learning from others.

I recently came across a concept that has really opened my eyes about achieving our goals and how to conquer what stops us. It is very easy to get down on ourselves, especially when we are tired, hungry, didn’t sleep very well. Or even bigger things, like when we have self doubt about reaching our goals or second guessing major decisions in life.

This week’s Mental WOD is all about GIVING WHAT YOU WANT.

I once had an employee we’ll call Suze. During a review it was identified that she lacked the self-confidence necessary for her to adequately perform her job responsibilities. I could have told her all the positive attributes she had and what I admired about her to boost her self-esteem (I did that anyway), but I knew that wouldn’t work. Others had probably tried before. I knew she needed to give what she was lacking to someone else in order to experience the transformation.

I asked Suze whom she knew who also suffered from a lack of self-confidence. The only person she could think of was a girl who lived a few doors down from her (let’s call her “Mia”). I asked Suze to spend time with the girl and see if she could help her improve her self-esteem. After talking with Mia about her interests and how she spent her time, Suze learned the young girl played soccer, but was too timid to excel at it. Suze was a former all-state soccer player in school and committed herself to tutoring the girl in the sport a few evenings a week.

Suze not only spent time coaching Mia in soccer, but she also talked with her about other aspects of her life. As a result, the Mia’s soccer performance improved dramatically, and her self-esteem was significantly boosted because of the interest Suze showed in her life. Witnessing this transformation, Suze felt valued, important and saw the difference she could make in another person’s life. Her own self-esteem expanded in spectacular fashion. She became one of my most successful public relations agents and went on to many other successes.

I can remember numerous times when I have lacked specific things in my life for ex: self doubt, confidence, motivation, accountability and by giving those things to others has helped me get them in return.

It is so easy to get caught in our own head of negative thoughts that create self sabotage in our lives and hold us back to achieving our goals. The best way to get out of our own head is to give what we are lacking and we get it back even more.

We all have the answer to our problems. We just allow our problems to stop us. And when your problems have you convinced to give up or quit on something its time to give it up to someone that also needs help. We will uncover the true answers inside of us but getting out of our own head (literally) and helping others in need. It is a very powerful and empowering process.

Do you need more courage? Who can you encourage?
Do you need more strength? Who can you help strengthen?
Do you need more belief? Who can you believe in?
Do you need more confidence? Who can you instill confidence in?
Do you need more love? Who can you love?

You Lack It…You Give It…You Get It…