Mental WOD 26: I Dare YOU to Fail

I made sure NOT to measure until I got it…

I was having a conversation with some of my clients during one of our coaching calls this weekend about goals. It can be hard to set ‘REAL’ goals for ourselves. Then I came across this blog post to help understand how to raise the bar on goal setting…

I once heard a math teacher announce an unusual dream at a school assembly: “I hope you all fail,” he said to an audience of high school seniors eager to go out and conquer the world. “Because if you don’t, you haven’t set your goals high enough.”
Betting by without setting goals is the ultimate way to shortchange your life. It’s not a way to failure. It’s the definition of nonstarting.
Evangelist Robert H. Schuller describes four kinds of people:

  • First come the cop-outs. These people set no goals and make no decisions.
  • Second are the hold-outs. They have a beautiful dream, but uncertainty makes them afraid to respond to its challenge.
  • The dropouts are third. They start to make their dream come true. but when the going gets tough, they quit.
  • Finally, there are the all-outs. These brave souls know where they’re headed and do what it takes to get there.
It all starts with goals: Winners make goals. Losers make excuses.

I also read that you should hit about 50% of your goals. If you reaching over 50% then your goals are too easy. If you accomplish less than 50% of your goals then they are unrealistic.

Did you know it doesn’t matter if you set a BIG goal or you set a small goal it takes EXACTLY the same amount of energy to accomplish both?

A mystery ‘secret’ of goal setting is you will only see, experience and get what you look for. Whether you think you can reach your goal or can’t…you are RIGHT! So why not believe and go for what you REALLY want to achieve vs. watering down your goals and letting yourself off the hook. Your mindset should ONLY be about going for it, not worrying about not hitting it. You can not predict the future. You can only guarantee what you think about, the decisions you make, and the actions you do.

This week’s Mental WOD is:

Re -do your goals and Set your REAL goals.
Have a REAL plan.
Stick to it!