Mental WOD 29: The ‘NOT’ To Do List…

I’m scurred!

When we talk about getting ahead in life or trying to achieve our goals or even what we must get done throughout our day, week and life we make TO DO LISTS.

For most of us the problem with hitting our goals is not wanting too or even trying too. It is what we are doing wrong! All of us are great at starting out on our GOALS, but most of us are not great at finishing them.

I hear my friends (acquaintances) say all the time:

-“I just started this new diet!” How their your weight now (1 year later)?
-“I am starting my new workout program on Monday”. Are they still on that program 6 months later?
-How is that marathon training going?
-Gotta love New Year’s Resolutions right?!

What is getting in the way? There are waay too many distractions out in our lives constantly throwing hurdles in front of us and taking our attention off our plans. TIME is crucial to us and one of the things in our lives that we can’t get back. So in order to achieve what we want we have to value it and use it wisely.

For this week’s Mental WOD, ask yourself the following questions:

What are willing NOT to achieve?
What DOESN’T make you happy?
What is NOT important to you?
What gets in the way?

This ‘NOT’ To Do List can be equally if not more valuable than your traditional To Do List.