Mental WOD #3: Self Talk WOD Programming

Z thinks positive even during a tough WOD

I have written much about YOUR subconscious mind and what YOU feed it. It is no different than how YOU workout or how YOU eat.

Healthy thoughts over a long period of time will go a VERY LONG WAYS with your mental, emotional and physical health. With those 3 things working in peak performance nothing can stop you from achieving anything and everything YOU want out of life.

You have to realize it is going to take CONSISTENT – LONG TERM – Self Talk WODs to make this work. I would go as far to say this is more important than your diet and nutrition.

For this weeks Mental WOD (2 Parts): 

A – YOU will start your list of affirmations. Goal is to make 10 affirmations and max out at 30. Write them out on paper, make notecards, do photo shop on your computer, do sticky notes on your bathroom/desk/around your house…Just get it done! Get creative. Make it FUN! Put some effort in it and you will get more out of it.

B – Read them, OUTLOUD. Everyday. Minimum is once a day. Max out is twice a day. If you had to pick a time of day go with right when you wake up, get to the office or before you go to bed. The best is to do it the same time of day, everyday.

Take a pic of your creation and post them on the Facebook Fanpage.

For more info why this is so important. Read the links below.

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Make it happen.