Mental WOD #7: Eat the Frog

Old School CFSF early 09

I’m a Procrastinator…There I admit it…I do it!

Point in case, I am writing Monday’s blog at 9:55pm PST.

Procrastination happens to the best of us. The best way I have found over years to overcome the P-word is to Eat the Frog! And it works…

For this week’s Mental WOD everyday you must start your day with doing the hardest, the toughest and the worst thing first. Whether it is working out, making that phone call you’ve been avoiding to make, cleaning your house, or something you have been continuing to put off.

The problem with not doing it right away is it will take over all your thoughts and weigh on you heavily (the more important the heavier it weighs). And we all know the longer you wait the harder it gets. I have noticed from personal experience when I do Eat the Frog not only do I feel much better, I am a lot more productive and pleasant to be around. The other thing like most positive habits is when you begin to make Eating the Frog a daily habit you will begin to break your procrastination habit and raise your overall motivation in all other areas of your life.

Do it! I Double Dogg Dare YOU!