Mental WOD #7: Gratitude Is The Best Policy

You can even thank your coach during a WOD…not that it will be easy:-)

People appreciate being thanked. You appreciate being thanked. Doesn’t matter if you are a coach, biz exec, mom, etc…

People don’t care about how much you do, people care about how much you care.

This week’s Mental WOD is to reach out to someone and give them a sincere note/message. But to be accepted you must follow these rules:

1. It is unexpected. Never underestimate the element of surprise. When is the last time you received a note/msg of thanks from someone that you didn’t expect? If so, how did you feel? If not, how do you think you would feel? When an expression of gratitude comes from an unexpected source, it amplifies an already pleasant experience.

2. Sincerity. This is an obvious one.

3. Specificity. Rather than stop with a perfunctory “thanks for all you do”, be specific with your message and point out specific things.

4. It is spoke to the heart. This message was sent to me 6/10/09 and it still re-fuels my fire…Thanks Jimmy Leyse.

what up?!

ya know….i think sometimes we get so focused on ourselves and rely on the encouragement of our pastors, instructors, etc…to keep us on track.  I always try to approach my pastor on occasion just to let him know that he is doing a great job and is appreciated.  I just wanted to pass on some encouragement to you my friend.  you are GREAT instructor and i just wanted to let you know that you are very much appreciated.  Keep up the good work my friend.  you are changing lives!!!!   jim

Take a look around. Who do you know that could benefit from a sincere and specific note of thanks that’s both unexpected and from the heart?