Mental WOD #8: Good Habit vs. Bad Habit

Pullups are good for you KS:-)

I am a NBP (Natural Born Procrastinator). It drives me nuts!!!

Over the weekend I believe I learned how to finally combat this unhealthy habit for good.

My mind runs at 160 mph for most of my waking hours. They say the human brain has about 1,500 thoughts in a minute. I think mine is more like 5,000! For as ambitious and motivated I am, I feel I can just as easily get distracted and that leads to procrastination.  

If you mind moves fast like mine, it can not only hard to keep up with it but also accomplish the tasks you need to throughout the day. I find myself adding so much to my ‘to-do’ list that it can get overwhelming and important things that need to get done, don’t, because of distraction/procrastination.

The key to minimizing and eliminating procrastination is pre-planning your day the night before.

When you pre-plan your day in advance:

-It helps your mind see that next day in advance.
-It helps you create a positive future vision, because if have already been there in your mind it is more likely to manifest itself in a positive way. You feed my mind future success, you can see victory, you can see achievement.
-When you pre-plan your day you don’t have to work so hard focusing on making your day great. Because it is already planned you can focus all your energy on following your pre-plan and go through the motions.

This week’s Mental WOD is to identify 1-3 current habits that you need to change in order to successfully achieve your goals. I’ve discovered the best way to develop new, healthy habits is to identify ones that are not working for you and do the opposite.

Here are mine:

-Current Habit: Procrastinating on projects, ideas, workouts, preparing, etc…
-New Habit: Pre-Planning for the next day, the night before.