Merry Christmas CPM Members!

Merry Christmas CPM Members!

Progress Not Perfection

You’ve been asking for it! Here at CPM, we want to start 2016 off right and we want our members to do the same. “Progress NOT Perfection” will challenge not only your nutrition habits but your workout habits as well…

Here are the details:

Starts Friday, January 8th and ends Friday, February 12th (just in time for Valentine’s Day!)
Pictures and weight will be recorded before and after the challenge
Cash prizes
$60 buy-in gets you access to our weekly videos and a one-class upgrade to your membership.

To be eligible for cash prizes you must:

Eat 15 compliant meals each week (think Whole 30). More info in future emails.
Workout at CPM as many times as your membership allows (including the challenge upgrade). Unlimited members must get 5 workouts in each week.

We’ve named the January Nutrition Challenge “Progress Not Perfection”. For 5 weeks, take control of your nutrition, get to the gym and feel great. Our goal for you is to make 2016 your healthiest and happiest year yet! It’s time to develop successful habits that will stick with you long after this challenge is over. This is a lifestyle that is maintainable and practical.

Reflections by Mother Plucker

This week I’m going to focus on what I will do this Christmas…
1. Eat a lot
2. Spend quality time with my family. Can’t wait!!
3. Workout the day after Christmas for sure. You have to do that.
4. Coach the day after Christmas because I want everyone else to workout the day after Christmas too!
5. Eat more

The Oboard Says..
It’s Christmas! No Workout!
Posted by: Emily