Merry Christmas: New Class Times!

Merry Christmas: New Class Times!

Big Changes for the Early Risers

We are really excited to announce that starting January 5th, we will be restructuring the early morning classes. There will be earlier options (for all of you crazy people) and the classes will move to a 45 minute length. Worried about not getting a full hour’s worth of class? No need to worry, we have already tried it and your workout will be just as effective as the 60 minute format.

This will apply to only Monday, Wednesday and Friday class times.

5:00 am – 5:45 am
5:45 am – 6:30 am
6:30 am – 7:15 am

Be sure to check your inboxes in the next few days. You will be getting all of the details. The class schedule has been updated online.

Rule Your Resolution (Our Next Whole 30)

We are partnering with Upper Cervical Chiropractic (fellow-member Casey Weerheim’s clinic) for our next Whole 30 Challenge. Members of CPM, this is your next opportunity to participate in the Whole 30 Challenge. Just in time for the New Year! Look for a sign-up board in the gym soon. You can email me ( if you have any questions.

Bring A Friend Week

All of us will be hitting the gym hard this January and I’m betting you have friends who would like to go too. Bring A Friend Week will be January 12th – 17th. There will be special partner workouts for a portion of the week. Sign up on the board in the gym (by the dumbbells) if you plan to participate!

CPMFITness Thermals

Check out the new CPM Thermals in the changing room.  We will be doing a pre-order of these.  They are $30 each.  Sign up on the board if you want one!


And now another edition of….

Reflections, by Mother Plucker

Special Christmas Edition

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFitness.

1. On the 11th day of Christmas, I completely fell apart. (Those of you who did the 12 days of Christmas workout on Wednesday know what I’m talking about)

2. Check out my Christmas present to Chris and Annie this year. It’s a PR Bell. Feel free to ring it any time you hit a PR, individual goal or just to annoy Stets. I still need to get it engraved. Any ideas?


3. For the first time, my husband and I set goals for the New Year. One of my nutritional goals is to stop baking and keep (most) sweets out of the house. Here are a couple pictures of Chris and I discussing this goal while eating a cookie. I get the feeling he doesn’t take me seriously.


4. Finally, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. CPM has the best members and I am so blessed to know you. Enjoy the holidays with your families!

The O-Board Says…

For Time:
20 DB Hang Clean
30 Box Jump / Step Up
40 Wall Ball
50 Double Under
400m Run
50 Double Under
40 Wall Ball
30 Box jump / Step Up
20 DB Hang Squat Clean

Posted by: Emily