The Mod Squad – Plank

The Mod Squad – Plank

The Mod Squad – Get Your Plank in Top Form

Welcome to another edition of The Mod Squad! Today we are discussing a move we use all the time in yoga and in our regular workouts and that is a plank hold.

There are 3 main points we want to focus on to get the most out our plank hold.
  1. Keep our shoulders over our wrist and keep our neck neutral.
  2. Pull the belly button back toward your spine and keep your core engaged. Squeeze your legs together and ankles together engaging all those muscles.
  3. Think about drawing a straight line from the top of your head through your heels. We want to avoid lifting the hips up too high or letting our  hips drop to get the most out of plank.
Plank is a great total body move and great practice for proper push up alignment and a great move to get you stronger for Vinyasa’s in yoga class.
Now get out there and plank!
Don’t forget to join me this Sunday for yoga at 9:30 a.m. at CPMFITness 2.0.  There are still a couple of Sundays left in the Whole Life Challenge so this would be a great way to get some variety in your mobility.  I have a great class planned so you will not want to miss this!

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
P1 200m Waiter Walk
P2 row for cals
Part B:
3 Rounds for time
10 T2B/K2E
10 snatch
10 T2B/K2E
50 doubles