The Mod Squad – Superman

The Mod Squad – Superman

Summer of being super!


Summer is a great time to play around and try new things.  The weather is warm, the grass is nice, and we all get the urge to be a little childlike sometimes.  Sometimes that play can come with injuries and today’s move is a great one to get your back ready for anything.


I love this stretch because it really is customizable to where you are right now.  It also allows you to stretch your whole back (and get some shoulder work in too).  Back pain is probably the most common issue I hear about so make move part of your regular mobility routine.  Your back and your whole body will thank you!


Don’t forget to join me every Saturday morning for yoga at the Western Mall.  Join growing group of smart members who are making it the best way to kick off the weekend!


The O-Board Says…

Part A
Wtd Pullup
Part B
5 ring dips, 10 pushups, 15 slamball
Rest 1 minute
7 DB strict press
14 Toe to bar
21 Deficit lunge
Rest 1 minute
10 wtd step up
15 KB deadlift
20 double unders