Mojo. Reality Check. And TnT’s for the upcoming Rowing Challenge.

On Monday’s Post we broke down the “Sleigh the Rower” challenge by the numbers. Today lets continue to take a professional approach to the challenge and sprinkle some motivation, a reality check and some pre-planning methods to ensure your success.


To row your commitment of 5o,000, 100,000 or 200,000 meters from November 28 (TDay) to December 24th (XMas Eve).


The challenge is placed perfectly during the time of the year where the typical American has a very challenging time (probably the most) keeping their health and FITness together. The average American gains anywhere from 1 to 7 lbs from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day and the kicker is they never lose the weight… Yikes!

What if you could do the opposite?
What if you could get FITTER when everyone else is NOT?!
What if you could thrive in your health during the busiest time of the year?
What if no matter how difficult it is to manage your schedule you could commit, succeed and prove to yourself that you CAN do it?!

Sleigh the Rower is designed for a few reasons…

A. To give you a focus to not only survive the holiday season but THRIVE!

B. We had so much success with our previous Nutrition Challenge. A lot of participants transformed their bodies, minds and were motivated beyond what they thought. After a great challenge it is typical to find yourself missing (if not craving) the structure, support and sense purpose that our previous challenge provided.

C. For those of you that initially signed up for the nutrition challenge but ended up falling short and not completing it for whatever reason(s). This is your shot for a 2nd chance at success, especially during the heart of a very difficult time of the year to stay on track with your health.

The Real HARD Part of the Challenge

I will be honest with you, the rowing is not the hard part of the challenge. The heart of the challenge is managing everything you WILL have going on in your life (family in town, you out of town, parties, festivities, deadlines at work) and how you plan and execute your meter commitment.

How to Plan…

1. Whip out your calendar.
2. Cross off work schedule. Workout schedule. Kid’s activities. Holiday Parties. See what is left on your schedule.
3. Check out the open gym times at the gym.
4. Re-Read Stets’s post on Monday, CRUTCHING THE #’S, to gauge how much time you need to get the meters completed.
5. Then begin to block off your rowing times (just like your workout sessions) in your calendar.
6. Trick: Coming in early and staying after class for a bit can be a simple way to tack on meters while you are at the gym already.

Perspective Time

I know I pressed hard to some of you to ‘challenge’ yourself and commit to some lofty goals. But maybe it’s time for a reality check?

If you can only budget 30,000 meters up to this point in the planning process, then WHY would you commit to 200,000 meters?!?! Take a step back, look at your schedule and rethink a few things. It sounds like you would be better served to ‘CHALLENGE’ yourself to make up 20k and commit to the 50k option vs. committing to an unrealistic number, miss a day, get really frustrated and end up giving up on the challenge all together.

Then again if it is very important to you. Start taking a harder look at your time and begin to re-prioritize your schedule to create some more time for the rower. Just don’t go into this with a BIG Fantasy with no idea what it is really going to take to get your meters done. But let’s be clear You can get it done, 100k or 200k, it’s just a matter of what you are going to sacrifice to make it happen. Capisce?

F & Q’s

Date: November 28th (TDay) – December 24th (XMas)
Cost: $30. Cash. Pay Annie or Chris. Gives you access to the open gym times only (not extra classes). Once you pay you have access to open gym. We will donate a 1/3 of the proceeds to one of the charities listed on Concept 2’s site.
Prizes: We are working on some cool prizes. Get in and stay tuned!
Log Book: Register yourself on Concept 2’s site for your PERSONAL ROWER LOG BOOK. And make sure you keep track of your meters; whether it daily or weekly, just  stay on top of it.
Keep a Reflection Log: I plan on not only logging my meters on Concept 2’s log book but logging my thoughts, reflections, successes and setbacks on a personal journal daily to see what I learn from this challenge.

3 Recommendations…

1. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Take pics. Throw them on our facebook.

2. Motivating others will result in more motivation for you. Encourage your family, friends, even if they live out of town to join you in this quest for the FITTEST holiday season yet.

3. Have fun. Set up rowing dates with your fellow challengers. Buy some rowing socks. Bring your IPad and watch a movie during open gym. Get creative and get more meters.

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
10 Push Press
10 KB Swings
10 Box Jumps

Post by Chris.