More Than Just Members

More Than Just Members

When Members Have to Leave

It makes me really sad (I mean REALLY sad) when we lose a member at CPM. I have gotten very close to many of our members over the past 4 years. I look forward to having them in class, chatting with them, hanging out with them and working out with them. So when I hear that someone is leaving CPM to either move away or just take a break, I take it to heart. It is hard not to.

I had Jack in class for the last time…. ? ? ?  I think back to coaching my 6:30 am crew of Jack, Brent and Jon. They were there consistently week after week but schedules change, lives change and class dynamics change. Brent moved away, Jon had to change his workout time and now Jack is headed East.

But what’s worse than having a member move away is when someone leaves to try another gym. Did I fail them somehow? It’s hard not to take it personally. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t care, right? And with social media, it seems the thing to do is post several pics of you working out at your new gym to show those at your old gym that you are getting something better. Why do we feel the need to do that?

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel  ?   Just as people leave CPM, new members start and that’s exciting. I get to make new friends and develop them into fitness rockstars. But to those that leave… don’t think I don’t miss you. Because I do!




The O-Board Says…

25 Minutes for Max Cals:

3 Person Teams:
P1: Max Cal Row
P2: Handstand Hold
P3: Deadlift Hold (top of DL)
*Switch when one breaks*