Moving Forward…

A group of just about 30 participants have succeeded in an amazing 30 day journey that concluded last Thursday night. The DYP “Dominate Your Plate” Challenge, our 2nd version of a popular Paleo challenge, WHOLE30.

“Your actions reveal your ultimate beliefs about you. Not your words”.

When you participate in a challenge you uncover a lot of truths about yourself. I’ve gotten to read a handful of Post Challenge Letters  and have gotten various responses and reactions. Some have been life changing, some feel they have uncovered some hidden truths they are committed to work on, some expected different results and some realized it wasn’t for them. Regardless of the end results all of the coaches are proud of each and everyone of you!

The goal with any challenge we do at CPMFITness is simple;

Challenge = Change

Your past and present choices have created your waist line, bank balance, relationship status, the success or failure of your business/career/job, etc. If you want to change the direction of your life, it starts by making different choices and then acting on those choices, consistently through time, each action building on the last like compound interest. The longer it builds, the more your results multiply, until the compound effect kicks in and you materialize exponential growth results.

The goal of the DYP challenge was to disrupt these patterns and give each person the opportunity to learn and make a new set of choices. Below are some of those reactions.


“but now I respect food. I used to think of food as something that I needed to burn off at the gym because it made me fat. Which was true. Now I see food as fuel to accomplish my goals. Losing weight was a previous goal and that was accomplished with the right food. Working out one less day a week has yielded better results because I eat healthy. Eating the right food helps me work out better and reach my other goals. It also helps my body replenish itself. It’s now a resource rather than a burden and the results have been fabulous.



“My family knew that unless I had a cup of coffee in my hand, not to talk to me in the mornings. They are no longer afraid. My husband says I am happier in the morning I also feel there is more laughter around the house! I feel a sense of presence, a connection with the world that maybe I didn’t have before.”


Most importantly my confidence has changed. I’m proud of myself…I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve said that. (and I can’t help but to think it’s what helped me ace my test last week) I’ve started too many Mondays with a plan to eat ‘healthy’ just to binge on junk in a couple of days. For too long I went to bed in disappointment of myself. I would think about how tomorrow I would do better, tomorrow I would take a step to change my life, always tomorrow…But for 30 days, 30 WHOLE DAYS I ate healthy and for once I didn’t disappoint myself!


I read a quote about success recently…

The process of success is mostly mundane, unexciting, unsexy, laborious, frustrating, tedious, and many times defeating. Success requires hard work, constant and continual effort, determination, persistence, discipline, mixed with a little pain, hurt and frustration — oh and also sheer exhilaration, joy, and utter elation.

I think everyone who went through this challenge successfully now understands it! Great job everyone!

The O-Board Says…

EMOTM 10min;
ODD; 30 Sec; Ring Plank Hold
EVEN; 150m Row Sprint

12 Minute Amrap of:
2 Pushups
2 Reverse Lunges
2 Knees to Elbows
4 Pushups
4 Rev Lunges
4 Knees to Elbows
6 Pushups
6 Rev Lunges
6 Knees to Elbows

…and so on, up the ladder by two reps each round.

Post by Chris; @cmoknows