mrCPM 3 Habits for Success…

mrCPM 3 Habits for Success…

As the great Og Mandino wrote, “Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure”

On the other hand, good habits can bring us closer to our goal or mission. The definition of a habit, after all, is “a regular (repeated) tendency or practice.”

I encourage you to ask yourself the same thing I did a few months ago: Do your current habits bring you closer to or push you away from your goals? If your answer leans a little too heavily on the latter, then you might want to try “installing” some new habits into your daily routine. And maybe I can help…

Here are my 3 habits that are working for me…

Habit #1 = I don’t listen to the radio.

A few years ago I turned my car into a mobile library. I love to learn and even more I love to share what I’ve learned. Kinda works with being coach and business owner. If I could learn in 3 weeks what it took someone ultra successful 30 years I think that could make a difference in my life and sharing it with others.

Habit #2 = I schedule everything

Work, meetings, workouts, social gatherings, reading, meditating, even when to change my eye contacts. Everything goes on the calendar. It is way to easy to get distracted and not value time enough if you don’t treat time with the respect it deserves. Thats the biggest excuse I hear, “I don’t have enough time”. If you really think about it, that doesn’t really make any sense. We all have exactly the same 24 hours a day. The things that get scheduled are the things that get done.

Habit #3 = I don’t complain.

Now I’m not perfect but I do a really good job not complaining about things. I heard something in a Tim Ferris interview a while back. He talked about how when you vent about a problem the common person thinks it makes them feel better when actually it fuels the negativity keeping the attention on it. Problems don’t happen to you they happen for you. Even though it can get really tough in the heat of a problem flipping my mindset has been a game changer for me.


6-rounds for Time:
30 Deficit Lunges
19 DB Hang Clean
7 Pull-ups (C2B)
400 Run

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