Murph Downtown, Kids Classes & I’m Not A Hugger

Murph Downtown, Kids Classes & I’m Not A Hugger

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday, May 27th – No Evening Classes at the Mall

Monday, May 30th – 8:30 am & 9:30 am CPM Grind

LOCATION UPDATE! Our Memorial Day Murph workout will be held at CPMFITness Western Mall. Help us spread the word! This workout is a great way to start your summer off right! Don’t be intimidated by this workout, we have scales. See you Monday!

CPMFIT Family Workout

We will be kicking off our CPMFIT Kids program with a CPM Family workout on Saturday, June 11th at 9:30 am! If your kids are curious about CPM but not convinced, this is a great opportunity for them to try out a class with you.

Spouses, kids and special friends are all welcome. Cost is $5 per family member. CPM members can use a class from their membership OR they can choose to pay the $5 and get to the gym for an extra class that week.

We need you to create a user account for each member of your family attending the workout and complete the Parent/Guardian Waiver for the kiddos. Here is a LINK to our website to get you started. Then sign yourself and your family members in for the CPM FIT Family class at 9:30 am.

CPMFIT Kids Coming This Summer!

Our kids class is full and we have a great group of kids coming to the gym this summer! Not only will they get a great workout but, during our 6 week program, they will learn Olympic lifts, gymnastics and bodyweight movements. Classes start June 13th and run through the end of July.

I’m Not A Hugger

I’m not a hugger. Can you tell? This doesn’t mean that I never hug anyone. I have a few people in my life that I hug often but, if you aren’t on that list, chances are you aren’t going to get a hug from me. Chris is a hugger and I think it bothers him a little that I keep to myself. So what is it that makes him a hugger and me a non-hugger? I would have to guess that it stems from our childhood. I bet a few of you reading this could give me the harsh reality of why I don’t like to hug. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care as much about our members. I just show it in a non-physical way. Nothing wrong with that…. really, who wants a sweaty hug??

Nicole (BMamba) is now fortunate enough to join us in our weekly programming meetings on Thursday afternoons. The other day Chris starts the meeting off by asking “Who is more affectionate. Emily or Nicole?” He said it was an obvious decision. I’m thinking “Nicole doesn’t seem very affectionate but I’m not affectionate at all. So if she’s less than me, wow.” Anyway, the obvious answer was BMamba is more affectionate. So if you are looking for a sweaty hug, you know where to go 😉

So what does this have to do with CPM? I don’t know. It’s just a random blog topic but I would like to know how many of you are like me…. non-huggers. I had a lot of people (particularly ladies) talk to me about my snacking blog last week. So this week I want to hear about your affectionate self or not-so-affectionate self. I’m very curious! Wait a second, maybe the fact that I’m a snacker means that I’m not a hugger. Or vice versa, non-snackers love to hug?? I think I’m on to something! Shoot… I would hug it out more often if it meant I wouldn’t be snacking. Something to think about 😉

Have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend friends!


The Oboard Says..
For Time:
70 Burpees
60 KB Swings
50 Slam Balls
40 Dips
30 Power Cleans

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