Music That Will Take Your Workouts Up a Notch This Summer ….

I am a HUGE advocate of music!

I feel that music can really help take your fitness up a notch.

The perfect song can push your fitness limits and push it to the next level.

It is a proven fact that music really effects your workout intensity in a positive way.

Not only does it make your workouts fly by it makes working out fun in the process.

So grab your iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player and make sure these five songs are on your workout playlist.

1. “Fun” – Chris Brown featuring Pitbull

2. “Pretty Girls” Iggy Azalea featuring Britney Spears

3. “Hey Mama” David Guetta Featuring Nicki Minaj, Bebe-Rexha, and Afrojack

4. “So Sorry” – Imagine Dragons

5. “Shut up and Dance” – Walk the Moon

The O-Board Says…

A. Every 2 minutes for 5 Rounds:
1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

B. 3 rounds for time;
10 c&j 165,
15 ring dips (high rings),
200m Run

posted by: Annie