My Christmas List

My Christmas List

What’s on your holiday wish list? Steve and I don’t buy each other much for Christmas but I do like to get a couple new items each year. So here’s my Christmas list…yes, it’s fitness items. That’s my job!

  • Nike Metcons – Hands down my favorite cross trainer. I can easily run a mile in them, they are flat for lifting and they are super comfy. Only weird thing is that they squeak when I walk 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Red Tights – Ok, I already bought these and I’m wearing them. Whoops! I’ve been looking for red tights for what seems like a long long time. Finally found a great pair at Athleta. Zyia (ask Courtney) has some great ones too and, of course, those came out right after I bought mine 😕
  • Under Armour socks – Yep, I want socks for Christmas. The Under Armour no show socks are my favorite!
  • Hydro Flask – I’m copying my daughter here but I really like the Hydro Flasks! I was recently informed of how bad it is to refill plastic water bottles and use them over and over. 😳 I purchased a glass water bottle but it’s not my favorite. The Hydro Flasks look pretty cool and convenient.
  • Silicone Wedding Ring – I’d like another silicone wedding ring or two. Have you searched these up on Amazon? They are ridiculously cheap and there are tons of colors and styles. I used to buy the “expensive” silicone rings but I think I’ll give the cheap ones a try. Cause guess what… I lose these all of the time!

That’s it! That’s my wish list. Now you know what to buy your spouse if they are into fitness. Easy peasy 😉

~Mother Plucker

Part A. 5 Rounds
30s Plank Hold
30s Single Arm Plank Hold (R)
30s Single Arm Plank Hold (L)
30s MAX Situps

Part B. 3 Rounds (1min Stations)
KB Goblet Squats
Evil Wheels
Burpee Bar Tap
Row for Cals
1min rest between rounds