My CPM Top 5

My CPM Top 5

Beyond the clinking of the weights 🏋🏻‍♂️, the fan of the rowers and the beat of the music 🎶 there have been a few gym memories that just won’t fade.

#1  – How old is Chris? 🤔

When I first was introduced to CPM, I was under the impression that Annie had married a much older man. I thought Chris was in his 50’s!! That was a big surprise when we met for the first time. 🤣

#2 – Whole 30 Challenge (Oct 2014)

This was a game changer for me. I thought my diet was pretty balanced⚖️at the time. I went into the challenge treating it more like a “diet” in hopes to drop a few pounds . For 30-days I had no dairy, no grains, no added sugar, no alcohol🍷, no legumes and no GUM! 😳 I would be lying if I told you it was easy. It was both mentally and physically tough. In the end the Whole30 did challenge my relationship with food but it taught me the importance of preparing meals ahead of time as well as a newfound love 💕for cooking 👩🏽‍🍳and for my body.

#3 – Romper Workout

Not sure how rompers are Christmas 🎄 attire but the picture above is worth a thousand words.

#4 – My First Unassisted Pull-up

I remember walking into CPM the first time and being awed by the women doing pull-ups💪🏽. As females we spent much of our adolescents hanging by the pull-up bar while guys were required to knock out a set of 5-8 reps. Pull-ups became one of my first goals to complete. It took a while to even gain enough confidence to try out a band but after a year I was finally able to string 3 together. 😊

#5 – Relationships

Over the past few years, I have realized and learned so many things, one being how many amazing people I have met and the special relationships and bonds 👊🏽we have formed.  It’s been so rewarding to play a part in someone’s fitness journey and we get to have a blast 🚀 while doing it! 💜 ♥️ ❤️

What have been your favorite CPM memories?!?


A: OH Squat
(every 90 seconds)

B: 5 Rounds for Time:
15 Weighted Squats (OHS or Back)
400 Run
Posted by: Nicole