My Knock Out Juice

My Knock Out Juice

Do you have trouble sleeping?

If you have been on our posts for a while you understand we value sleep and have written often about it with; SLEEP TIPS, TnTs for Better ZZZZs, Feeling a Little Sleepy; to name a few…

This is one of my favorite ways to get better sleep at night. It’s an Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey Tea. You add 2 tbsp of ACV to a cup, 1 tbsp of raw honey plus hot water and you’re good to go here. I learned this one from Tools of Titans by @timferriss. It literally said its pretty much a tranquilizer plus it can lead to “large and immediate strength gains”. When I read that, it got my attention LOUD AND CLEAR! And the effects of it are definitely similar to a tranquilizer. Every person I’ve suggested this tea to had the same result. ?

Pro-Tip: You can add in the Ashwaghanda to lower cortisol levels (stress) even more and Maca just for fun.

Life can get crazy with work, kids, workouts, meal prep, lake time, going out of town, etc… Make sure you ensure the most important ingredient for your overall health = QUALITY SLEEP! Try this tea before bed and let me know what you think!

The O-Board Says…

For Time (25min cap)
800m Row
5 Rounds of.”
20 Pistols
30 KB Swings
800m Run

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