My Paleo Journey…

My Paleo Journey…

This week we have being getting to know our challengers experience thus far with their new Paleo nutrition lifestyle. Annie and I briefly discussed our ‘stories’ in Monday night’s meeting.

Here is more of how my story unfolded…

Growing up I was always taller and skinner then everyone I knew. The older I got the more uncomfortable I became. I remember I would start to slouch on purpose when around my friends or at grade school because I felt so out of place. It was the worst my freshman and sophomore year in high school (6’3″ 157lbs). It is tough growing up when you are uncomfortable with the way you look.

People would always tell me, “You are so lucky you can eat whatever you want and as much as you want”.

Fraid not!

So here is the deal, a guy that is skinny is the same as a girl that is overweight.  It is completely the same issue with the opposite problem. But as most of the CPMFITness community knows by now it is very important that you eat the right types of foods no matter if you are trying to lean out, gain muscle or get FITTER! Just like you can’t starve yourself to lose weight and lean out. You can’t eat everything in sight to gain muscle.

I remember the days of eating everything I could, choking down nasty protein shakes (back when protein shakes tasted like @ss!) every night, trying creatine, BCAA’s, drinking tons and tons of milk, etc… I remember trying any supplement I could to increase my strength and improve my body’s size.

After high school I became a personal trainer at the good ole’ globo gym so I began to study and learn about proper nutrition habits. I slowly began to incorporate the changes to myself personally and the gains slowly started to happen.

Then in 2009 after I had been involved in CrossFit for 1.5 years and I started hearing about this Paleo Diet. I began to read more about it, attended a CrossFit Nutrition Certification and I was sold. It was the simplicity behind Paleo that sold me. Once I began to follow the diet closer I felt the benefits right away. I gained a ton of energy and this was at a point in my life I was working the most amount of hours and having the most amount of energy. I also began to see the changes in my body. My body fat was leaning down and my strength and bodyweight was increasing… Finally!

Those of you that are beginning your Paleo journey during our CPM360 Nutrition Challenge. Stay committed to the Paleo principles and yourself. This diet is tried and proven by thousands of individuals all over the globe and quite a few in the gym you are working out at right now.

Both Annie and I were in your shoes at one time. We had the same desire to better ourselves as you do today. Let us lead, teach and inspire you to change your lives just as we changed ours.

We there is my story. Let’s here yours. No matter if it has been 2 weeks, 2 months or 2+ years. We all learn and gain motivation from each other.

Post your story to the comments.

The O-Board Says…

For Time:

100 Double Unders
Run 1 Mile
30 C2B Pull-Up
400 Run
30 Front Squat
200m Waiter Walk
30 DB Snatch

Post by Chris.